Revent 624 Double Rack Gas Oven
Manufacturer: Revent

Condition Used


You are purchasing a used Revent double rack oven. This item has been tested and is fully functioning.

  • Revent TCC system airflow design allows horizontal and vertical air flow and volume adjustment
  • Revent HVS system offers greatest surface area for steam generation
  • High mass for maximum heat retention
  • Gelatinization optimized for crust formation
  • Revent LID system provides overlapping layers of high density insulation
  • Compact cross line heat exchanger
  • Counterbalanced overhead rack lifting device is maintenance-free and sanitation-free
  • Flush floor offers smooth access for operator and fragile products
  • Zero inch clearance back and sides
  • Computer Control
  • 208v/3ph/20 amp
  • Natural Gas: Indirect fired 1" drop to 3/4" NPT Connection 309K BTU
  • Overall dimensions: 98"H x 80"W x 70"D
  • Includes 1 Double Rack and 2 Single Racks