Atlantic Food Bars MIT4836M-FSK-SS-TM 4’ Full Service Mobile Ice Table With Scale Stand and Tilt Feature
Manufacturer: Liquid Enterprises

Condition New

  • fully-welded to be GUARANTEED LEAK-PROOF.
  • modular mobile ice tables effortlessly transform from full-service to self-service in seconds without any tools required
  • maximize your merchandising opportunity based on the month, day or even the hour.
  • Refrigerated or ice-only front self-service base sections
  • Iced self-service front clam bar
  • Pedestal bases
  • Swing-out glass hardware
  • Merchandising “wings”
  • Combination scale stand and adjustable combination poly cutting board
  • Wrap paper dispenser roll and shelf
  • Modular mobile ice table construction – allowing you to instantly transform from full-service to self-service
  • Adjustable tilt